Friday, January 3, 2014

Update from Kenzie

I'm having a great time. The train is powered by coal and is one used during the Cold War. I have had a lot of time to read, relax, and reflect on life. I haven't had any wi-fi for a few days so I sent info by text to my mom to post. 

So I have realized I was much to worried about clothes for the -10 degree weather at stops and didn't pack appropriately for the 85 degree train, an all wool wardrobe has been challenging. We are eating granola bars, noodles, & water. Tomorrow we will cross into Mongolia and they will switch out our Russian dining car for a Mongolian dining car. 
We will see the worlds oldest & deepest freshwater lake called Lake Baikal.

Our view consists of birch trees & miles  & miles of snow & sometimes houses. We spend most of our time reading. 

I continue to be excited about what adventure is around each corner. I will update more when I have wi-fi. 

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