Monday, December 30, 2013

Bus ride

Taking a cab at 2:30am went very smoothly. We arrived at the Victory Coach Station. We loaded on to the bus at 3:30am for an hour and a half bus ride with a lady behind us who smells of nasty perfume. It was making me sick to my stomach. I really wanted to give her a friendly tip to never wear that stuff again.
Emma tried to sleep and I was trying to not pass-out from holding my breath the entire bus ride. 
Our next adventure before we get on the airplane will be to get batteries. Just my luck the SPOT went dead. For the people that do not know, my mom tracks my every move and yes I am an adult. Lol I love it so much that she cares so much. I just found it very funny that at 2:45 in the morning when I notified her the spot went dead, she vigorously started typing. I honestly think it's the most I have talked to her te whole trip;-) off to look for batteries!! 

1 comment:

  1. I'm thinking you should have probably got some sleep like Emma. Smell or not, breath thru your mouth. Lol. Xoxo