Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Count Down is ON!!!

About two years ago Emma and I sat over dinner talking about the Trans Siberian Railway. Emma was trying to "sell" me on the trip.

    "Two years ago"

The trip sounded amazing unfortunately, it was just not the right timing for me. Emma and I continued to talk about this trip and knew it was something we would do together we just did not know when. When Emma came to California last December we started planning this trip. We felt that this we be good timing for the both of us. Every time we say bye to each other we know we will see each other, we just do not know when. Well when we said bye to each other last December we knew we would be seeing each other in London!!! This made it a little bit easier to say goodbye. (there were still tears)

Here we are, a year later, after several months of Emma planning this amazing trip for us; we are just 18 short days to landing in London. Emma's younger sister Sophia and her friend Rebekah will also be joining us on this amazing adventure and will be meeting us in London just a few hours after I land in London.

I would like to say the adventure starts then however, the adventure has already started. Trying to obtain extra passport pages and visa has been an adventure in itself. In order to receive a chinese visa I had to go to the Chinese Consulate which is located in San Francisco because they would not except visa applications by mail. On the website it stated if an applicant wanted to pay thirty extra dollars for same day service they could receive their visa the same day. Unfortunately, they do not do same day service anymore. This meant that I had to come back to the Chinese Consulate 4 days later to pick up my visa once it was done being processed. At this very moment I knew this was going to be a trip full of adventure and memories if I have not even left the United States and the memories have already begun.

If you would like to follow me on my adventure on the Trans Siberian Railway continue to check back on my blog for more post.

If you want to learn more about what the Trans Siberian Railway is here is the link:

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