Sunday, December 29, 2013



London has been none stop fun. I have not had a second to sit down. When I do have a chance to relax, I have not had time to write my blog because I am exhausted from the jam packed days we have been having. If this is any indication of how much fun we are having it only shows the half of it. I am having the time of my life. We are trying to maximize our time in each country. The sun starts to set at 3pm, which means we have to get up early in order to ensure we have plenty of daylight to see everything we want to see and do. We have filled our day exploring the city and seeing: St. Paul's Cathedral, Big Ben, Palace of Westminster, South Bank, Borough Market,  Climbing 311 stairs to the top of The Monument, Trafalgar Square, Windsor Castle, Tower Bridge, Tower of London and Dirty Dancing. I am sure I am leaving some stuff off. However, we covered a lot of ground in three days. Plus the first day of me arriving I was running on 40 hours of no sleep. I think I honestly can say that was my first all nighter and tonight we are about to pull another all nighter. At 2:45am a taxi will be picking us up from Emma's flat and taking us to the bus station. We will be taking the bus to the airport. We will then be taking a plane to Moscow. After arriving in Moscow around 2:30pm, 2:30am your time, we will check into our hotel and head out to sight see. We are currently packing our backpacks and tossing out sweatshirts and what other nonsense we feel won't be necessary for our adventure. Due to the lack of space, I decided to wear my snow boots on the plane. I will definitely be a sight to see at 2:30am at the bus stop.=) You have to do what you have to do to get your belongings across the country with you. They call it backpacking for a reason. I feel bad for cutting this blog short but, I am sure you guys understand that I am having fun. I will not have internet for a bit. I will try to write a blog every few days and as soon as I get internet I will post them. 
The Monument 

The Streets of London

Ice Bar 


  1. I can read between the lines, you are having a super fantabulous time. I'm envious of your travels! Seriously awesome...just sucks I have to live vicariously through you! Safe travels to your next location!!! Xoxo

  2. love it! the ice bar looks so cool!